To work on cost-effective maintenance is the major step after making a purchase at any of the Furniture shops in Chennai which offers quality wooden furniture. The beauty of wooden furniture is its sustainability, which can be achieved on proper maintenance and carried on to generations to serve its purpose or even as a legacy. Teak wood furnishings add warmth and glamour to your homes. Teak wood furniture Chennai stores provide quality for the price paid on furniture and eternal satisfaction.

 Apply teak oil.

Want to regain the colour of your furniture without losing texture. The best choice is to use teak oil, as sandpapering may lead to loss of material. The entire piece of furniture needs to be polished as soaking help in regaining the colour.

Sealing and protection:

Make use of sealants and protectors in case of outdoor wooden furniture use U-V protectors to protect from sun and other elements.

DIY furniture cleaner.

This option of doing it yourself cleaner is by using mayo as a cleaning solution.T he oily texture helps to remove the dirt and stains from the furniture when wiped using a paper towel. This serves to be the easiest solution to eliminate tough stains.

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