When buying furniture for home, the driving factor is the function of the space. Once this is understood it will help to determine what you will need, which can then be matched based on the
aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

The entrance of a home is very important. The layout of furniture creates the first impression on
your guests as well as signifying to you and your family that home is a place for living, relaxing. Keeping the entrance organised can help to set the mood of a home.

Mirrors or art and the second being storage units serve to highlight the space available in each
room. Bringing colour into a small space is best to draw the user into the space and appreciate
the work as they go down the hallway.

Mirrors create an illusion of space and also help to increase light in darker walkways.

When there is more room in your entryway, adding a larger furniture piece will increase the sense of arrival and give more purpose to your space. For open plan areas place your furniture piece on the wall where the door opens in to. This will still allow you to place for your family photo wall or for your favourite framed print above for high visual impact.

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