Antique Furniture and its qualities

Antique furniture is the most treasurable one has it lasts long more than 50 years and that’ why this is considered as the most important furniture when compared to others. There are many ways you can spot an antique Furniture that is by seeing the specialization of its joinery because at early days machine cut was not there so the shape is just like normal and easily pushable an earlier period is like at 1500-1600 is the period of making antique furniture, it is formed at the eastern side and so it is the oldest and valuable compared to other furniture product. By carefully looking at the bottom drawer and at sides it resembles that the cut was actually made with a plane spoke shave and also with a draw knife and sometimes the saw marks also: So a real antique is not a perfectly cut it is reproduced with the same components as it was cut by machine these are the best tips to find antique Furniture and we will provide every tips to know about the specialty of every furniture you buy. The best furniture showrooms in Chennai should treat their customers as families and that’s why we are considered as the best furniture showroom and also let us give the tips to protect your antique furniture they are

  1. Protect and move away from harmful elements
  2. Apply only oil soap (use best product)
  3. Use some paste wax
  4. Avoid washing with lemon oils
  5. Contact best advisor through showrooms

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