How to make your furniture glow ?

There are a lot of speculations for many customers about how to maintain their furniture or wood with glow and also how to remove strain. There are many articles or information you can come across about this, but as a furniture manufacturing professions let me give some basic tips so that our customer can prefer these and make their furniture glow or if their furniture is strained they can avoid that by doing this following steps.

To avoid scratches in your wood Just Walnut or ground coffee and rub it using a cotton swab, but for light colored wood simply rub a walnut over the scratched area. You can use oil and vinegar to remove stains which is a very useful one mainly in many wooden types of furniture, so your wooden furniture will easily regain its glow. For polishing and shining purpose the best product which to be used is olive oil. Using a microfiber cloth apply it on the old furniture and you can see your results with your eyes. You can make your couch to a whole new level by using a spray called WD-40 (a lubricant) with a dry cloth to remove any stains and grime in your old couch. These are the things you must follow to make your furniture and couch look new and if it strained. Many Furniture shops in Chennai avoid sharing this because of getting repaired with them and by that they can get many benefits in the form of money but we never want to do that as we want our customer to know everything about furniture.

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