History of Furniture

Everything has a story behind the living and the nonliving things and so has the furniture. Furniture is the most valuable thing founded by the humans and it is used for human from time to time that is from pre-history to modern marvels period (present). Technology is changed from time to time and so the sculpture of furniture that is making the furniture design, trend is from antique period to now according to the taste of people and the customers trend changes according which we can see periodically; Furniture is in pre-dynasty period for that the best example is before 3200 B>c itself the furniture is made by the Egyptians, which the Egyptian art made significant growth in the design of furniture. Furniture’s importance in human life is like for making tables, chairs, stools and sofas, cushions etc., During the palaeothilic and Neolithic period people began to do their own furniture in that period everyone is like professional carpenters as they do chairs and wooden tables dining tables for kings on their own, the olden marvel architects by looking at the structure they built in kingdoms and temples made us go crazy about one simple question that is How? How? How? And that is same for the design of furniture period if we see ancient sculpts in museums or temples we can see the furniture design which is said to be a marvel one which astonishes modern day carpenters who think themselves as professional. For time to time Egypt, Rome, Greece and till 18th century the civilization period change in Furniture model can be viewed from many sources like Wikipedia and in many history oriented subjects also. Wood is the main source which made a man to make a furniture. And till now it is the best source also many types may come but wood remains epic of all.

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